20 December 2022

This New Year, download the free BetterPoints app, get active and start the year as you mean to go on with our new challenge - Twenty...Twenty...Three!

The days may be cold and the nights may be long, but Twenty...Twenty... Three is a great way to maintain those New Years resolutions. So you can walk and wheel this winter, or jog this January to earn these amazing rewards!

What can you win?

Weekly Prizes

From 3rd - 31st January, walking, running, cycling or wheeling for just 20 minutes in one go, you can earn 1 BetterTicket into our weekly draw as a member of the challenge. The prizes for the draw are:

  • 3 x 300 BetterPoints prizes
  • 3 x 3,000 BetterPoints prizes
  • 3 x 30,000 BetterPoints (£30)
Grand Prizes

If you do 20 minutes, 3 times in one week, you'll also earn a ticket into the Grand Prize Draw for one of three huge prizes of:

  • 100,000 BetterPoints (£100!)
All of these points can be donated to amazing local charities or redeemed at loads of businesses.
Extra Prizes

And just in case you needed any more inspiration, you can also earn these lovely virtual medals for those hours you spend active this January.

Winter medals including a scarf, hat, gloves, boots and coat